Thursday, 3 May 2018

Keep calm and wish me happy birthday..!!

In my 25th birthday, i just want to thank you every person becuaee they always stayed by my side and supports me, no matter what. They gave me strength to go forward in every situation.
I am thankful to all people who loved my site and keep loving because this is my hobby and i will never disappoint you.
God bless all of you and keep reading.

Note: Becuase of my birthday sending and uploading books are stopped for last 3 days. Will continue from tomorrow. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Thank you and take care.


  1. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Sukalyan. May the Al Mighty fulfill all your wishes and may your dreams come true. tons of love and appreciation from your website fan.
    KEEP CALM and enjoy your Birthday.

  2. Happy bday brother. Doing good job. Keep it up.